The new Lift 3

Mon 28th June 2021

The latest iteration from the guys that invented the eFoil.

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The LIFT3 (aka E3) started shipping in April 2021, three years after the first commercially available electric hydrofoil worldwide was launched by Lift Foils. This is the latest iteration from the guys that invented the eFoil.

The LIFT3 is lighter, faster and rides longer than any other efoil on the market. They have utilised a brand new lay up of carbon fibre leading to a decent weight loss over previous models. The efficiency of electronics and motor have also been improved. Sizes are now 5'9, 5'4, 4'9 and 4'2. Paired with the new V2 Surf wing these efoils are amazing!

All the new developments are backwards compatible with older models, and that commitment to stop phasing out should encourage those buying the Lift 3. Improvements to come will be wheeled travel luggage, folding propellers, 32" mast, an amazing secret new handset and of course the huge variety of wings.

All of our lessons use the Lift 3.

We are offering sales and are doing our best to hold stock but be warned, as soon as these things come in they are flying straight out of the door again! Why not give us a call and discuss your new Lift 3....