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The eFoil Experience, Perfected

The originators of the eFoil continue to push the boundaries. The Lift 4 is quite simply the fastest, quietest and longest lasting efoil on the market. 

The Lift 3F offers entry level pricing without compromise over quality or satisfaction. The same groundbreaking hardware but housed in a GRP board with aluminium mast.

We have the UKs largest stock of eFoils and have helped more become owners than anyone in the region. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

2.5hrs Ride Time

The eFoil is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery allowing for up to 2.5 hours of riding with our Full Range Battery, or 100 minutes with our Gen4 Light Battery.

New Camber pro wings

The eFoil wings control your ride. With the LIFT4 we've launched our smoothest eFoil wings to date with our Camber Pro series, available in small, medium and large.

Ultra quiet

The LIFT4 introduces our Quiet Ride Technology-- an advanced motor controller that cuts any previous eFoil vibrations or sounds in half. Riders listen to nature, not their equipment.

It's not just about eFoils.

Wing, Kite, Tow, Paddle and Pump Foiling.

Lift are a grass-roots foiling company and the amazing range of Lift classic boards, foils and masts are used as the bench mark for others trying to emulate their pedigree in this industry. The worlds best foilers choose to ride Lift because when you are at the top of your game compromise is not an option. We all ride them and think you should too!

Lift have a range of full carbon foils and masts to suit all aspects of performance riding. Whether it's a cruising wing session with the 200 Surf V2 (one of our best sellers) or riding the insane glide of the legendary 120 High Aspect.

Lift have a range of surf, tow, kite and wing boards shaped by Sean Ordonez. These are full carbon construction built not for the fashion of the the latest season but crafted with experience to last a lifetime.

We choose amazing kit to get you onto the water.

A custom package built just for you

We work with a hand-picked selection of suppliers to create packages of foiling kit and accessories that will really work for YOU. We don't try and sell you what we have in stock, we supply a bespoke package that you need.

We proudly supply Appletree Boards, Ozone, Flysurfer, Ensis and Cabrinha boards, kites and wings. We choose DaKine, O'Neill and Forward WIP to protect you, your gear and keep you warm.

Call 0333 1234 304 and have a chat with Tom.


While we love to meet our customers we understand that visiting the beauty of North Wales is not always possible. We're happy to arrange shipping (though recently shipping batteries has become challenging so bear with us on that). Please ask us for a quote so we can pass on the latest deal.

Come and demo

Whatever your foiling needs we suggest visiting to try our range, we can then make sure you get the right combination to work for you. Come and take advantage of our instructors vast knowledge. We feel this is REALLY important!

Buying an eFoil is a big deal... we'll come to you

We want to get this right for you so if needs be our instructors will bring your new efoil, unpack and build and teach you. Right on your local bit of water. Call 0333 1234 304