The UK's eFoil School. Anglesey, North Wales

FoilRide have bought the amazing Lift eFoil to the UK. Lessons and sales are available at our water-sports base, open year around.

Here in North Wales we are surrounded an awesome seascape and the beautifully sheltered Menai Strait. This makes the area a perfect location to give you the best efoiling experience as you fly above the surface of the water. We always have flat water.

The eFoil is an electric surfboard that flies above a hydrofoil wing. The eFoil is near silent and is charged with power from renewable sources. It is a great way to interact with our environment without imposing on it.

First Flight

£220 per person

This 3-hour course takes you from zero to hero! Three students, one efoil each, one instructor.

Basic movements and safety are explained and practised on land so you are fully prepared for flight once you get on the water. We then travel a few minutes by boat to find the most perfect conditions. Expect a speedy learning curve, it should see you on an extended period of flight very quickly. In one lesson everyone foils and many will easily stand and carve turns on the foil as well!

We have full changing facilities with toilets and a shower if needed. We provide wetsuits, booties, impact vests and helmet. Feel free to bring your own kit if you have it.

Be warned, the feeling of foiling is incomparable and is very addictive. This is the on-ramp for all forms of foiling.

Gift Vouchers available.

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Flight Improver

£220 per person

Aimed at those who have competed a first flight course. We equip students with the knowledge needed to ride solo in more challenging locations. We also help with more advanced moves and progressing onto more advanced equipment. This is a perfect step for those wanting to join our Freeride Club where members can rent our eFoils. Currently this course operates on Sunday afternoons. Book it with a First Flight course for a whole day experience at the discounted price of £400 using code 'L1L2'

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Art of Flight

£495 per person

This is a private session with a senior foil instructor aimed at those intent on becoming a foiler, whether buying an eFoil or wanting to learn to foil with a wing.

With lots of time on the water we can assess what combination of board and foil sizes are best suited. We can then handle the purchase process making sure you have all the tools to maximise your potential on these amazing machines!

For those keen on taking up Wing Foiling we find this session saves many hours of frustration during the learning process. Following this experience students will get flying with the wing a lot faster. In some cases it also removes the short-lived ownership of a large beginner board, allowing progress directly to a standard board. We supply a large selection of awesome Wing Foiling gear and can help you choose the perfect set-up.

Whatever your direction, this course represents a sensible investment. Vouchers available.

This is a bespoke session, call us on 0333 1234 304 to arrange a time to suit you best.

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Do I need to be a super-athlete?

No, all we need are people who can swim 25 m in open water, are happy for their head to go underwater and can kneel and stand on a slightly wobbly surface.

North Wales is miles away!

North Wales might seem to be a long way away but it's the centre of adrenaline sports in the UK. There is SO much to do here! We're 2 hours drive from Manchester, 3 hours by train from London. We can always guarantee flat water so (other than in 'named' winter storms) have no need to cancel if the weather changes. As well as eFoiling why not go surfing, stand up paddleboarding, mountain biking, climbing, caving, kiting, windsurfing, winging, zip lining... Or just chill and enjoy our amazing beaches and mountains.

Will I fall in?

If you don’t, you’re not trying!

If I like it can I buy an eFoil?

Yes, in fact you get a chunk of your lesson £’s back as a discount. In a couple of days we will ship your new efoil directly to your door.

What kit do I need to bring?

You will need a footwear, and a towel. Due to the time of year, you might even want a wetsuit hat and gloves during shoulder seasons. We will provide the wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet.

Can my kids learn?

Currently we are restricting general bookings to 16 year olds and up. If you have a younger child that is too young to join a group but is experienced in the water, we are happy to discuss a bespoke 'family' session. Call 0333 1234 304 for further details.

Who are we?

We are the foiling division of the multi award winning RibRide. We’ve been running Britain’s favourite adventure boat tours for over 15 years. We’re also an established Powerboat and jetski/personal watercraft school. If you want a great experience on the water, we are the team to help. We are the only approved efoil school in the UK.

It’s quite expensive, why is that?

Battery technology like this still commands very high prices. Add to that the high cost of using carbon fibre to manufacture boards, mast and wings. The equipment is all handmade, as are all the electronics. You can then understand the high value of this amazing new technology.

This is an unashamedly expensive sport however we feel lesson prices are great value and the experience is exceptional.

Call 0333 1234 304 to make a booking