Why are we doing this?

We were born to fly!

Where it all came from

The push for efficiency was always there. It started at a young age soaking up images of kite-powered foiling boats tearing across Weymouth Harbour. Later came a run-in with a VERY early and mostly lethal windsurfing foil. Things got faster and more efficient and we committed to every development over the crazy years during which windsurfing just blew up. Kitesurfing was an obvious next step but while the kites changed everything in terms of going places, board efficiency took a step backwards. It was an unseen direction that the bought the solution: the Americas Cup. The trickle down from this billion dollar yacht race hit all parts of water sports. It has now influenced most ways of moving around on the water and for us foiling kitesurfing became an addiction.

Side-swiped by eFoiling

Next came the chance to test eFoiling. We were amazed at how intuitive the Lift eFoil was to use, how this experience could open the door to all types of foiling. It is responsible transport. It promises years of skills progression and fun. It is completely involving and we became desperate to share it with others. FoilRide was born.

Where is this all going for us?

Professionally the ambition is to make sure that eFoiling is received well on UK waters and becomes accessible to all. We hope it offers a sustainable choice to those who might be questioning the future of polluting alternatives. It's already formed the basis of our future plans over at RibRide where we are committed to developing a new generation of low impact boats.

Personally we want to raise our skill levels; improving riding speeds, becoming more proficient with smaller wings, challenging ourselves with some long distance riding, using folding propellers for wave-riding, becoming completely connected to the foil. We also want to learn to foil-surf the easy way; towing a foiling surfboard or SUP into ocean swells with an eFoil before dumping the tow and taking on the wave solo.

The horizon laid out in front of our eFoil is ever expanding. Come and join the ride...