What is an eFoil lesson like?

Tue 10th November 2020

eFoil lessons are a morning or afternoon experience and aimed getting someone new to the sport up and flying competently.

On Dry Land

Students first undertake a short session on dry land. We briefly cover ‘what is an eFoil’ and how it all goes together. Then we go through the various body positions needed to ride, riding prone, then on knees and finally standing. We discuss and practise each transitional movement needed between these positions. It’s pretty easy stuff but getting to do this on dry land really helps learning the positions, it allows the body to warm up and get used to the movements, hopefully creating a bit of muscle memory. Finally, we cover safety and best practise.

We have great O’Neill wetsuits and wetsuit boots available for use. We welcome students bringing their own, if they have them along with their choice of water shoes. Everyone gets a helmet and a Whip Forward Buoyancy/impact jacket. We carry lots of sizes to make sure everyone gets a comfortable and safe fit.

Out on a RIB

Our Instructors only teach up to three students per session. Each student gets their own eFoil with enough battery capacity to have a full session. We use a RIB to carry boards, students, and the instructor to one of a selection of prescribed teaching areas. This us to always find the perfect conditions. The bonus here is you get a RibRide thrown in!

The Training Area

Once on location, the instructor outlines the training area (they make lay out buoys to help here) and covers the safety procedures. They remind the group the basics of the first manoeuvres, and how to use the remotes. Students then slip over the side to complete a slow circuit of the course in prone position, proving they can always navigate back to the RIB.

From here speed and confidence builds quickly. In no time students find themselves on their knees encouraging the board to break free of the water and experience the lift of the hydrofoil. We aim to complete a series of ‘touch and go’ landings. This is the experience of how the foil lifts out and how the board behaves when you touch back down. This becomes smoother very quickly and the instructor then encourages the student to try and stand. How you control your body weight, and your body position gives you greater control over the board. In no time smooth even flight is achieved.


It is almost a Zen-like experience. An on-looker will see no wake, hear no noise but see an eFoiler (because that’s what you are now) flying above the surface of the water. Every movement gains a response, push gently on the toes and you’ll begin to carve a turn. Sit slightly into your heels and you’ll straighten up again. eFoilers will now push their speed, try to increase the flow of their turns, and generally enjoy the most blissful, mindful and exhilarating experience.

At this point the best quote written about eFoiling begins to make sense to the rider:

This is as close as you can get to owning and flying an IronMan suit.

Are You Ready?

An eFoil experience is £200. Success levels are high, but it helps to have a certain base level of fitness. Can you carry your own luggage up a flight of stairs? Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds? Can you swim 10 meters fully clothed? Are you happy to stick you head under water? If so, you are nearly there!