Lessons learned from our 2021 season.

Fri 29th October 2021

It's been a busy year... what have we learned?

Lesson one

Build it and they will come. We were worried that being tucked away on a narrow body of water in North Wales would be restrictive. BUT, the very nature of the Menai Strait means that we can ALWAYS find flat water. That beats almost all locations in the UK currently allowing efoiling. We're only 2 hours drive from Manchester and 3 hours on the train from London AND we are surrounded by the UKs best selection of adrenalin sports. Turns out visiting us is a great idea!

Lesson two

Every batch of efoils we brought in went straight back out of the door. The best selling model was the 4'9 with a 200 wing and 38 tail. Popular upgrades have been to improve performance with a 170 high aspect wing with 32 tail combined with a folding prop. This enable efoils to be used in swell for wave riding.

Lesson three

Winging is here to stay. Riding a hydrofoil with a hand wing provides enjoyment on so many bits of water. Bay, waves, lake, river, all work well. There is no need to wait for perfect conditions, winging doesn't really need it. Get a gust to get up onto the foil then just ride. And the best way to learn? Ride an efoil first! The boards and hydrofoils are similar sizes so mastering efoiling means that you have got the hard part taken care of. We supply some great wing products, let's have a chat about this exciting new sport.

IMG 6162

Lesson four

We need to provide more lesson slots in 2022. This year was busy but there are more people that want to learn to efoil and to save disappointment we will increase availability. We will also be making sure we get more riders able to freeride so they can just show up, grab an efoil and head out.

Lesson five

The Lift 3 is amazing! We teach on the Lift3 5'4. We have found that this is more stable so will support a larger range of riders who seem to find it easier to ride. Battery life is about 20 % better during lessons. The new propeller will recover from breaching, this means the sound of the prop out of the water don't always mean a swim. Power can now be put back on and the prop will bit cleanly once more. Finally the V2 wings have the same lift but are more agile, faster and lighter to turn.