Why Lift?

Fri 19th August 2022

When starting FoilRide we actually tried to engage with a number of eFoil manufacturers before working with Lift.

We chose Lift because the product was right. We wanted the best quality materials, tried and tested designs put together by a company that had experience. Lift has been in foiling longer than anyone and was launching its' 3rd gen boards while others were still playing with prototypes.

We also wanted to work with the right people. Some gave wishy washy answers about when product would be available. Others Zoomed a suit wearing salesman onto our screen who clearly never got wet. Some didn't even reply. When querying Lift it was the founder Nick Leason who got on the phone saying "Hey Guys, how can we get you onboard?" That level of service remains on offer to all Lift customers.

Anyone who spends any time around watersports gear and high tech toys knows that the stiffness to weight ratio of carbon fibre is unbeatable. They will also know that a cocktail of aluminium, stainless steel and saltwater is an absolute party for galvanic corrosion. We know that if you allow carbon to bend it will return to form. Aluminium bends, that's it. Luckily Lift use super stiff carbon masts to transfer the force of the riders input into the foil. Others have to use aluminium (held together with stainless steel bolts - yikes!) as the mast serves a second purpose of dissipating heat from the electronics. Lift eFoils are water cooled.

Screenshot 2022 08 19 at 16 06 02

Lift are completely backwards compatible. The latest development (as I write its the quick release system on the new folding prop) will fit the first generation efoils. Don't worry about your Lift becoming obsolete. This is unique among efoils.

IMG 6162

Lift are a foiling company. We have found that our eFoil customers are also interested in surf foiling, kite foiling, wing foiling you name it. Lift build a range of products that interchange between these sports. Why have a favourite foil on your efoil that you can't use with your wing board? That just seems crazy to us.

If you get a chance to view efoils at somewhere like a boat show, perhaps one that does demo's just have a look at the ones that still look brand new at the end of the show. Or take a look at our school boards, they have a tough life but you wouldn't know. Lift are durable.

Lift lead. At every stage of the development of efoils Nick and his team have created the to-do list for other builders to try and play catch up with some months later.

Quite simply Lift offer the fastest, most durable and longest lasting eFoil experience.