It's FoilDrive time!

Wed 28th February 2024

It's an obvious decision for us to start stocking Foildrive as it sits perfectly between our range of foiling gear. If someone is going to introduce you to Foildrive, who better than the UKs original eFoil School?

Foil Drive Banners Gen2 15

Foildrive is a foiling assist unit comprising of motor, battery pack and handset. It will bolt onto just about any foil and board you might have. The battery mounts between mast and board and the motor clips to the mast. The Foildrive range comprises of a number of sizes of batteries, different motors, props, cable lengths... you name it they have numerous combinations so we can taylor a system just to you.

Foildrive not only works for prone and SUP foiling, it is an ideal way to wake-theif if you are in an area with boat traffic. It is also brilliant for Wing Foil as it will get you up and riding apparent wind at which point you can switch it off and sail away. Not need for big boards and huge gutless wings.

We will have demo Foildrives for you to try, come and see what all the hype is about! Our units are about to ship to us here is sunny North Wales.

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